Artist Statement

If you lined all of my paintings up in the order they were created, they would tell the story of my life.

My paintings are time capsules of moments in my life.  Symbols, metaphors, allegories and other motifs are woven into my personal experiences to create images that tell the stories of what I am thinking and feeling.  Though my work is highly personal, my hope is that it speaks to something that is universally human.


Oils are my true love and the medium I turn to most often.  I start a painting in one of two ways; either with a clear and developed drawing or with an abstraction that I pull imagery out of.  The final painting is typically developed using techniques of the old masters like; mische, grisaille, or alla prima with glazing layers.  These techniques afford me a fine level of detail and realism, and it infuses my paintings with an inner light that is refracted through layers of color.  Working in this manner challenges me technically and also provides me with a sacred devotional.


I believe making art in general, and painting specifically, is an endearing act of reverence. It allows me to honor my higher, spiritual self, give homage to the lineage that I am a part of, and express gratitude to the Creator for my imagination and the gifts that have been given to me.