Linda Chido - Bio & Artist Statement

Linda is an American born, figurative, visionary artist. She has a Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Planning from the University of New York at Buffalo. In addition, she has studied mische technique in Europe under Philip Rubinov Jacobson, Michael Fuchs, and Ernst Fuchs. Linda has exhibited nationally and internationally and most recently had her first solo exhibition. She is also the founder of LINDA CHIDO ART Gallery, featuring the artworks of her entire, artistic family and LINDA CHIDO ART Academy, online instructional art projects recreating ancient art forms using modern art material. Linda is also a homeschooler, art teacher, muralist, fiber artist, art advocate, and special needs advocate. She is also called Mom by four amazingly talented, artistic children

"If you lined all of my paintings up in the order they were created, they would tell the story of my life."

My paintings are time capsules of moments in my life.  Symbols, metaphors, allegories and other motifs are woven into my personal experiences to create images that tell the stories of what I am thinking and feeling.  Though my work is highly personal, my hope is that my paintings speak to something that is universally human.


Oils are my true love and the medium I turn to most often.  I paint with both mische and fa presto techniques.  Though I love the technical challenge of mische technique because it affords me a finer level of detail and realism, allows me to dance with optical grey effects, and infuses my paintings with an inner light. Oil painting challenges me technically, is constantly teaching me about myself, and provides me with a sacred devotional.


I believe making art in general, and painting specifically, is an endearing act of reverence. It allows me to honor my higher self, give homage to the lineage that I am a part of, and express gratitude to the Creator for my imagination and the gifts that have been given to me.