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The Chido Gross Family Artists

LINDA CHIDO ART is more than just an art website - it's a family. Our passion for artistic exploration and expression runs deep and we want to share the transformative power of art with you.

We welcome everyone - whether you're an art collector, educator, student, or enthusiast, to tap into that power by buying art that that moves you, learning about art, making some of your own, and supporting artists that make beautiful art for the world.

We strive to inspire visitors like you to discover your own unique art expression because we believe in the crucial role that art plays in all of our lives. We invite you to explore our online shop of artwork by the exceptional talents of the Chido Gross Family, peruse our catalogue of learning options, and subscribe to our Art Club. And please join our mailing list to stay in the know about new art, new learning opportunities and art news from LINDA CHIDO ART.


We are a family of artists, rooted in art and we are, as always, creatively yours ~. The Chido Gross Family

Linda Chido

Linda Chido is a mid-career, representational, painter who works predominantly in oils with an Old Masters technique. Her work is rooted in her personal experiences. She says, “The technique gives my work a high level of detail and infuses my paintings with an inner luminosity. Though my work is highly personal, my intention is to create imagery that tells a story, charged with emotion, that can be universally understood despite its personal nature.”


Ron Gross

Ron Gross is an abstract expressionist who works with a multitude of mediums. His working style is intuitive and is about color, gesture, and mark making. Ron says of his work: “Automatic drawing and painting are an integral part of my work. I allow the colors and marks to speak to me and guide me on a creative journey.”


Mona Rae Chido Gross

Mona Rae is an emerging visual artist and musician (pianist). In her visual art work, she is concentrating on assemblage sculpture. In her artist statement, Mona says: “I make cool stuff out of junk. I am inspired by the potential of found objects and discarded items and the challenge of combining them into something beautiful.”


Louis Chido Gross

The youngest, Louis, who also has Down syndrome, uses drawing and painting to communicate where spoken language has failed him. His abstract work can be profound, funny, colorful, or all of those things. Louis loves drawing and painting, and his work is always interesting.


Jackson Chido Gross

Though not quite formalized on his artistic path, Jackson has explored many mediums while homeschooling with his mom. Jackson leans naturally toward abstraction but has a keen eye for life drawing which he practices regularly. 


Georgia Chido Gross

Georgia is showing some amazing talent for digital art. She is well versed in Procreate and has minted an NFT collection.

Georgia is also an excellent baker and has won the Blanton Museum of Art Bake Off.


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