Collaborations & Public Artworks

Art Rocks Project

A temporary public art project by Linda Chido and Amanda Rainey in collaboration with the artists of the Buda Area Artists Collective, the City of Buda, and the Inspired Minds Art Center.  The project ran from March to June 2021.

The idea: take a simple art form - an art rock, and elevate it to fine art; invite local artists to create Art Rocks; then invite the community to come and experience the Art Rocks in an outdoor garden gallery.


In March 2021, a call for artists was announced and we started collecting Art Rocks. Simultaneously we ran a social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook ('Seek and Be Amazed', and 'Have you Picked Your Favorite Yet?') inviting the community to engage with the project and send us their selfies using the hashtag #BAACartrocks.

At its conclusion on July 13th, the Art Rocks "gallery" held 70 Art Rocks by 26 local, Buda Area, artists.  In addition, we collected approximately 60 unique selfie post from the community through our social media campaigns.  The BAAC gained over 50 new followers on Instagram during the Art Rocks Project.

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 6.26.54 PM.png

L-R: Amanda Rainey and Linda Chido; Installation at Inspired Minds Art Center's garden; Community engagement


L-R: 70 Art Rocks at project end; My mouse rock; My creations for the Art Rocks Project: Instruction rock, BAAC logo rock, moat, mouse, eye

Final Weekend-5.png

A sampling of the social media campaign slides for Instagram (L -R): For Earth Day, Have you picked your favorite yet?, Seek and Be Amazed

Press the project received: Hays Free Press, Community Impact Newspaper

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.04.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 7.03.52 PM.png

"Stained Glass Visions" - a collection of murals

A set of murals created by artists of the Buda Area Artists Collective and donated to the Inspired Minds Art Center. The murals house the upper story windows of Inspired Minds Chambers Theater and serve to darken the windows for performances.  The theme of the project was the Texas Hill Country and was executed in a stained glass motif. Eight marine grade mural panels, each 3'x6', were donated by Eastside Lumber and Decking.  The project was installed October 2020.  

Contributing artists: Joy Bliss, Amanda Rainey, Linda Chido, Gena Destri, Sinead Whiteside, Cristina White-Jones, Jessica Mason, and Ronald Gross.


Above: 'Monarch', my mural contribution.  

Right: All 8 murals wrapping around the Inspired Minds Chamber Theater.


Buda Area Artists Collective


Co-chair 2020 + 2021

The Buda Area Artist Collective was started in January 2020 after a group of local Buda Area artists got together after a meet-up.  Our meetings the following months focused on brainstorming and project planning - then March 2020 brought the first Covid lockdown.

Once the dust began to settle and life became a new normal, a small group of artists set to the task of formalizing the BAAC's mission and goals.  As the new year rounded into 2021, Linda Chido and Amanda Rainey formally partnered to build the social media components and the website needed to develop the BAAC as a viable entity.  In March of 2021, Linda and Amanda successfully ran the Art Rocks Project through the BAAC framework.

The mission of the BAAC is, "to connect the creative community so that, collectively, we can make the Visual Arts a part of the everyday."  The BAAC's core principles are: collaboration, communication and connection.

As of June 2021, the BAAC is made up of 57 professional, local, artists. 

Amanda Rainey's website: