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Animalia ~ Animal Portraits by Linda Chido

LINDA CHIDO ART invites you to step into the enchanting world of "Animalia," an exquisite exhibition featuring the captivating animal portraits by acclaimed artist, Linda Chido. Through four distinct painting collections, Linda invites us to delve into the beauty and spirit of the animal kingdom where each collection offers a unique perspective on the artist’s journey.

Collection 1: "Critters in My Neighborhood"

Texas critters that have stolen Linda’s heart.

Collection 2: "Land, Air & Sea"
Celebrating the diverse wildlife through the artist’s eyes.

Collection 3: “Translated”
The captivating world of animal portraits captured through the medium of oil painting.

Collection 4: “Pet Portraits”
A gift of pure love. Though not officially included in a the online exhibit, Linda’s pet portraits deserve their place within the Animalia Catalogue. (download the catalogue below)

"Animalia - Animal Portraits by Linda Chido", is a celebration of artistry, nature, and the profound connections we share with animals. Through her captivating collections, Linda entices us to appreciate the beauty, spirit, and diversity of the animal kingdom, immortalized in paint with passion and skill.


Meet the Artist

Linda is an American-born, Austin-based representation artist whose artistic roots trace back to the visionary art movement of the early 2000s. Mentored by esteemed artists, Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Michael Fuchs, Linda has honed her skills in the intricate mische technique. This method involves layering oil paint and egg tempera in a prescribed sequence, resulting in magical optical effects and a vibrant luminosity that defines Linda's distinctive artistic style.

Although her art is rooted in personal narratives, her ultimate aspiration lies in crafting beautiful artworks that are capable of powerful emotions that foster connections and engender conversations that transcend individual experiences.

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