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Georgia Chido Gross


Georgia is the youngest daughter in the family and twin to her brother Jackson. She has tried many things over the years - guitar lessons, acting, musical theater but none of those really stuck.

During the covid lockdown(ish) of 2021, Georgia entered the Blanton Museum Bake Off for the first time. The competition asked all entrants to reproduce a piece of art from the Blanton's collection as a baked good. In 2022, she entered the Bake Off again and won the young bakers division. She is now the go to baker in the family.

In addition to Georgia's stellar baking skills, she is shaping up to be quite the visual artist.  She has been working with her mom to develop her drawing and painting sills. In addition, she has been creating digital art on her iPad since receiving an Apple Pencil for her birthday.

In the summer of 2022, Georgia collaborated with her sister, Mona and her mom, Linda to create an NFT collection called, CoffeeCats, launched on Open Sea. Georgia's NFTs, original art, and posters are available for purchase in our Gallery Shop. 

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