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Linda Chido

I am a representational painter who layers portraiture, metaphor, and a touch of humor, to craft visual narratives. My paintings foster emotional connections offering reflective space to explore universal themes and experiences.

Linda is an American-born, Austin-based representation artist whose artistic roots trace back to the visionary art movement of the early 2000s. Mentored by esteemed artists, Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Michael Fuchs, Linda has honed her skills in the intricate mische technique. This method involves layering oil and tempera paints in a prescribed sequence, resulting in magical optical effects and a vibrant luminosity that defines Linda's distinctive artistic style.

Although her art is rooted in personal narratives, her ultimate aspiration lies in crafting beautiful artworks that are capable of powerful emotions that foster connections and engender conversations that transcend individual experiences.

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Featured Exhibits

Linda Chido at an art exhibit
Exhibit poster


March 8 - June 1 2024

Art For The People Gallery has MOVED!

Please take note of the new address:

2801 S I-35 Frontage Road #130

Austin, TX



Animal Portraits by Linda Chido


April 15 - May 31 1 2024

Online Exhibit

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