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Linda Chido

Linda Chido

Linda is an American-born, Austin-based representation artist whose artistic roots trace back to the visionary art movement of the early 2000s. Mentored by esteemed artists, Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Michael Fuchs, Linda has honed her skills in the intricate mische technique. This method involves layering oil and tempera paints in a prescribed sequence, resulting in magical optical effects and a vibrant luminosity that defines Linda's distinctive artistic style.

In 2022, Linda proudly launched, LINDA CHIDO ART - a heartfelt expression of creativity and family heritage. A living archive of her family's deep-rooted passion for art, representing decades of dedicated practice and education. LINDA CHIDO ART showcases not only Linda's artistic endeavors but also the incredible talents of her daughter, Mona Rae Chido Gross, and her husband, Ron Gross. In addition, the website is a learning hub for sharing a deep reservoir of art knowledge nurtured over a lifetime.

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Painting Materializing
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Painting Remember Her

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