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Linda Chido


Linda Chido is an American-born and Austin-based artist, who has carved her artistic path through the realms of fantastic realism and visionary art. Widely recognized for her skillful approach to representational painting, her work traverses various styles, encompassing figurative, surreal, and abstract elements, to express her unique voice. Through using the mische-technique, Linda ~ paints the light. Giving her paintings an inner luminosity and a high level of detail. Painting the light is also a deeply held philosophy for how she approaches both her life and her art.

In 2022, Linda proudly launched, LINDA CHIDO ART - a heartfelt expression of creativity and family heritage. A living archive of her family's deep-rooted passion for art, representing decades of dedicated practice and education. LINDA CHIDO ART showcases not only Linda's artistic endeavors but also the incredible talents of her daughter, Mona Rae Chido Gross, and her husband, Ron Gross. In addition, the website is a learning hub for sharing a deep reservoir of art knowledge nurtured over a lifetime.

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