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In 2022, Linda Chido founded LINDA CHIDO ART to showcase the artistry of her daughter, Mona Rae Chido Gross, her husband, Ron Gross, and herself. In addition, Linda wanted to create a place to share their abundance of art knowledge. The Chido Gross family is deeply rooted in art and their combined art knowledge represents decades worth of art practice and arts education. LINDA CHIDO ART is the place where they share it all with you!

The ultimate goal at LINDA CHIDO ART is to inspire. So, take some time and poke around. Discover your own unique art expression. Whether that be in buying art, making your own, learning about art, or becoming a patron. We guarantee that you will find something that inspires you to enrich your life with art.


We extent to you a warm invitation to explore all we have to offer. At LINDA CHIDO ART, we are more than just an art website, we're a family - Welcome!


Linda Chido

Linda Chido is a representational painter and art educator. Her art is rooted in the realms of fantastic realism and visionary art Her teaching experience extends over 10 years - as a homeschooler and teaching within the community and online.


Linda is the founder, curator, content creator, learning resource developer, and an artist at LINDA CHIDO ART. She is passionate about sharing art and art knowledge with you and is constantly striving to deliver the best art and art resources to you.

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Mona Rae Chido Gross

Mona Rae is an emerging visual artist and musician (pianist). In her visual art work, she is concentrating on assemblage sculpture. In her artist statement, Mona says: “I make cool stuff out of junk. I am inspired by the potential of found objects and discarded items and the challenge of combining them into something beautiful.”

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Ron Gross

Ron Gross is an abstract expressionist who works with a multitude of mediums. His working style is intuitive and is about color, gesture, and mark making. Ron says of his work: “Automatic drawing and painting are an integral part of my work. I allow the colors and marks to speak to me and guide me on a creative journey.”

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Every week, Linda Chido writes 'Fresh Brushstrokes'., her weekly email to you ~ filled with stories, art lessons, exhibition news, art learning resources, and VIP subscribers always get first views of new art. Linda says, " I love writing our art family. I'm honored that they have chosen to join us on this art-FULL journey". She also writes you a seasonal newsletter. Be in the know!

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