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Mona Rae Chido Gross

Artist Mona Rae Chido Gross in her studio

"I make cool stuff out of junk"

I am an American born artist working in assemblage. I take discarded items and give them new life by turning them into on-of-a-kind pieces of art.

I work with a wide range of materials, that included but is not limited to: found objects, discarded items, fabrics, wire and various mediums, to construct unexpected and visually striking sculptures.

I am inspired by the potential of found objects and discarded items, what some people may consider junk, and the challenge of combining them into something beautiful.

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A Multi-talented Creative

Mona is a multi-talented artist and musician who has been recognized for her exceptional skills since early childhood. She is a talented visual artist who specializes in found object, assemblage sculpture, and collage, and has been exhibiting her works at local galleries since the age of fifteen.


As a musician, Mona is a seasoned pianist and vocalist, having played at various venues across Austin, including SXSW. She has received private instruction in piano, voice, and digital production, and in 2022, received a scholarship to the prestigious Austin Chamber Music summer program at the University of Texas in Austin. Mona's talents in both art and music are truly exceptional and continue to develop with each passing year.


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