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Let's Talk Prints

Did you know that I offer prints of every piece of art on my website? Yep, it's true!


Prints are a very affordable way to bring fine art into your space. And the way I do it, you will always get a very high quality, archival, print.


I know in some circles it's uncouth to talk about money but if you don't know the skinny on how prints work, then how can you decided on purchasing a print or not?

I get your itching for the bottom line but stay with me for a second.


When I finish a painting and once it's dry, the first thing I do is have it professionally photographed. Not only does this give me beautiful images to submit to artist calls and magazines, it also give me really high resolution images. It's this high res image that is used to make the print. The cost to photograph a painting is, on average, about $70. Smaller paintings are less, larger paintings are more.


Once I have the high res image, I can order a print. I work with a local Austin gal (Pixel Perfect Art) and because she is a small shop, she can make me just one print at a time or a big run of say, 50. She is a meticulous as I am so I can trust that she will always give me a super high quality print.

Above: 22.5 x 30.0in special edition print of Soul Candi


Typically, I make the first print of any painting a limited edition. What that means is, that first print is special and only one will be make at that size. After that, prints are open edition. Which means there will be many printed of that size. I usually choose a different from the special edition print and can offer that new size print forever. Limited editions cost more, open editions cost less. On average, to have a print made costs me about $70.


Art industry standard is 3x my cost for limited editions, 2x my cost for open editions. Which is a good guideline but I do my print pricing a little differently. For limited edition prints, I take my photography cost and my print cost and double it. For open edition prints I double the print cost. 

I just picked up a special edition print of Soul Candi that I had made for a client. Since it's fresh in my mind, let's use Soul Candi as a print cost example. This particular print is exactly the same size as the original painting and will be the only print of this size, hence it's special edition status.

Let's look at the costs:


Photographing: $59.54

Printing: $65.76


My cost: $125.30


Limited edition print sale (same size as original: 22.5 x 30 and signed): $250.60


From this point forward, Soul Candi will be offered at a smaller (or larger) size as an open ended print. Let's say that the open edition print is going to be larger standard size, for example 24 x 36 inches. The cost of this print will be a little more that the first print above because of the size. I'm going to estimate that cost to be $68. Doubling that cost, the open edition 24 x 36 print would sell for $136.


For comparison:

The original painting, Soul Candi, cost $1,890.

Special edition print (signed), cost $250.60.

Open edition print, cost $136.

Above: Comparison - bottom image is the original painting, top image is the print

There are also other costs that I have to consider - the cost of gas driving back and fourth to my photographer/printer, tax, and shipping costs.


I'm not becoming a millionaire off of print sales but I feel so strongly that everyone should have beautiful art in their space, that I want to offer prints to you as an affordable option to purchasing the original.


So, how to you get a print?

Unfortunately, there is no simple way for me to add a button to my website. I'm working on it but like I said - not simple! The easiest way is to contact me. Send me an email ( or use the contact form on the website. Let me know what painting you'd like as a print. If you have a particular size you need, let me know that too. I'll send you an invoice and you're print will be on your doorstep in a few weeks!


All my prints are archival quality, printed on beautiful paper, and way below $250, and I can ship them anywhere in the world!


Now that you know how prints work, their quality, how much they cost, and that they can be delivered right to your doorstep - there are no barrier and no excuses to bringing beautiful artworks into your space.


So, go to my portfolio, pick your favorite painting, and order a print for your home or office. I look forward to hearing from you. And if you have any question. please ask. I'm happy to help.


As always, creatively yours ~ Linda



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