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Welcome to LINDA CHIDO ART, a heartfelt expression of creativity and family heritage that I proudly launched in 2022. I'm Linda Chido and within these digital walls, I showcase not only my own artistic endeavors but also the incredible talents of my daughter, Mona Rae Chido Gross, and my husband, Ron Gross.


More than a mere website, LINDA CHIDO ART is a living archive of our family's deep-rooted passion for art, representing decades of dedicated practice and education. As you navigate through our online space, you'll discover not only captivating artworks but also a reservoir of art knowledge nurtured over a lifetime.


Our ultimate goal though, is to inspire. So, whether you're here to acquire art, embark on a creative journey with our learning resources, or support us as a patron, we promises a meaningful experience that will resonate with your artistic spirit.


Consider this a warm invitation to join our art-FULL journey. At LINDA CHIDO ART, we are more than just an art website, we're a family - Welcome!

Picture of Linda Chido

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