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I love art and I have devoted my life to art - studying it, making it, sharing it, and teaching it.

For over 40 years I have been honing my craft, for more than two decades I have been a professional artist, and for the last seventeen years I've also been caring for, homeschooling, and making art with my four children. LINDA CHIDO ART is the realization of a vision that encapsulates my art world; my personal art from my Studio, the art projects I've made with my kids in the Academy, and the amazing art of my family offered to you in the Gallery. Each is a passion that feeds a different part of my creativity and my artistic expression AND is a way for me to share what I've learned so far.


I'm looking forward to our art-FULL journey together! 

As always, creatively yours ~ 





The greatest joy I have had in my life has been teaching these art projects to my kids. There is something magical that happens when you study ancient cultures and marvel at the artworks they produced and inquire, "how did they do that?".


The projects in the Academy are my answers to that question and how I brought them to my children. Each project was a journey that deepened our understanding of ancient peoples and gave us a greater appreciation for what the artists of that ancient time had to do to produce their art.


LINDA CHIDO ART Academy has been a dream of mine ten years in the making - literally! It has taken me that long to design and amass all of the art projects. Now it's time for me to share them.


In the Academy, I share all the supplies, preparations, skills and steps you need to bring these awesome art projects to your children. I have booklets and shopping lists to help you navigate art supplies, video tutorials to help you prepare what you need and clean up when you're done, and best practices to store your supplies so they last over many usings. Lastly, I'll walk you through, set by step, how to make all of these exciting art projects. You'll have everything you need to have a creative and artful, learning experience with your child AND a beautiful work of art in the end.


Artistry from the Chido Gross Family

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The Gallery is the e-shop where you can purchase original artworks from the entire Chido Gross Family. It includes original artworks, prints, fine art prints, wire sculpture, digital art, plus a hoodie and a ball cap with our logo just for fun. The Gallery also has quite a few original artworks by Linda Chido that are custom framed and ready to hang in your home. We have art that is figurative to abstract and everything in between AND our aim is for you to have a wonderful experience buying art from us.

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