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Music Series

The emotionality of music is a theme that has always captured my imagination. In recent paintings, I'm striving to show how music makes us feel. Several paintings are specifically inspired by my oldest daughter who is a brilliant musician.

The newest pieces in this series, Soul Candi, Papillion, Talking With An Angel (WIP) are collage and oil paint on 24x30 inch paper. Morpho Musica is oil and egg tempera on canvas. Mona's Hands and Go Ask Alice are both watercolors.

Work Inspired by Motherhood

Since creating the Love Letters series, I have been exploring personal themes of motherhood. My hope is that they forge heartfelt connections with my viewers and evoke our shared human experience."


The paintings under this heading are not connected to any particular theme or collection but deserve their rightful place here in my portfolio. My intension for these painting was to push the boundaries of the painting method I use, mischtechnik. The mischtechnik is a method of developing a painting in a prescribed layering sequence originally interpreted and taught by Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs. After all these years, I still love working in the mischtechnik and consider myself a lifelong student.

My Muses

The ‘My Muses’ project was created to celebrate my 55th birthday and to express my deep gratitude to these amazing artists who have inspired me on my artist journey over the last twenty+ years. Each oil portrait is connected to a story I wrote about in my blog. The entire My Muses project, 5 portraits + 5 stories, was a months long exercise in gratitude and healing.

Love Letters to My Children

In 2021, I took an online master's class on portraiture with Michael Fuchs. The portrait class was almost twenty years to the day since I had previously studied with him. In 2001 my life was changed when I learned the mischtechnik from Michale, and again in 2021 when I added portraiture to my studio practice.


My first portrait paintings were of my children. Not only did I want to represent their physical beauty but I also wanted to show how I see each of them beyond the physical. The paintings also contain little messages, love letters, to each of them. Reminders to be brave and fierce; to hold grace, laughter, and music in their hearts; and to always look for the beauty in the world.