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The yearly Crayonuary 30 Day Challenge Event is from February 1 to March 1, 2024


When is the last time someone gave you a box of crayons and permission to just play?

Crayonuary® is the ultimate transformative journey designed to unleash your creativity and soothe your soul! Created in 2018 by artist, Ron Gross. Crayonuary® invites you to take a daily drawing exploration. Over the next thirty days, your mission is simple: create one drawing each day using crayons.


Engaging in a daily drawing practice offers a myriad of benefits for both the mind and spirit:

  • It cultivates a deeper connection with one's creativity, fostering a sense of self-expression and exploration.

  • Through consistent drawing, you will develop improved fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and hone your ability to translate thoughts and emotions into visual form.

  • Additionally, daily drawing serves as a powerful outlet for stress relief and relaxation, providing a tranquil space for mindfulness and reflection.

  • Over time, this practice nurtures confidence and self-esteem, promotes problem-solving and critical thinking, enriches your artistic abilities. It will also nourish your soul, fostering a deeper appreciation for beauty, imagination, and the boundless possibilities of creation.


Why crayons, you ask? Beyond their vibrant hues and whimsical charm, crayons possess a unique power to dissolve barriers that other art tools may erect. Not only are they colorful sticks of joy, they are a magical gateway to childlike creativity, and let's be honest – crayons are just plain fun!


The Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge


The Crayonuary 30-Day Challenge is your golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the therapeutic wonders of daily drawing, unleash your imagination, embrace the joy of crayons, and experience the magic of Crayonuary!

Pick a day to start, then for the next 30 days, make a daily drawing with a crayons. Any type and any color that tickles your fancy. Just draw. The only "rule" is that you can only use crayon. Your drawing can be as simple as a line or as complex as you want. You decide. Your drawing can take two minutes or two hours, there are no time limits. Just go with whatever flow you are feeling in the moment. Your mission is to make a crayon drawing every day for the next 30 days.


We know you will get great benefits from the crayon drawing practice. The most important thing is that you do one drawing every day for thirty days.


A few things to consider...


  • Only use crayons! Any crayons will do. Even those little packets you sometimes get from a restaurant. And any paper will do too. You don't need any fancy art supplies to join in this challenge. Crayons and paper. That's it!

  • If you're feeling like, "heck yeah!, I want to do the Crayonuary 30 Day Challenge", but the blank page is freaking you out. We got you. Husband and wife team, Ron Gross and Linda Chido have designed the Crayonuary 30-Day Journal just for you. It will help you get your crayon mojo going. It has daily prompts at the beginning of the month so you don’t have to face the blank page alone. Once you have your cray-on, you'll have daily journal pages to unleash your inner creative genius for the remaining days.

  • You can purchase a PDF download of the Crayonuary Journal below OR you can order a printed version from​ The printed journal from is: 8.5" x 11", white paper, premium color ink, with a durable soft matte cover, for $14.99

Until supplies run out!!

The Yearly Crayonuary 30 Day Challenge Event

February 1 to March 1, 2024

Join us as we embark on a colorful journey together, exploring the boundless possibilities of crayon artistry. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just beginning to dabble in the world of creativity, the Crayonuary 30 Day Challenge Event offers a welcoming space for all to flourish.

From February 1st to March 1st 2024, artist Ron Gross, in partnership with LINDA CHIDO ART, will be leading the Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge Event. A month's worth crayon love as we share our creative genius through social media. In addition, we'll have crayon give-aways, Crayonuary Journal give-aways, and in-person workshops. Plus, starting in 2024, LINDA CHIDO ART will host an online exhibit of crayon art created by our global crayon loving family! Don't miss all the cray-z fun!!

Here's what you need to know...

🖍️ We start on Thursday, February 1st but you can jump in at any time!!

🖍️ Using just crayon, make a drawing every day for the next 30 days.

🖍️ You only need paper and crayon (any type, any kind) to join the challenge! No fancy art supplies needed.

🖍️ If you want the structure of a guided/prompt journal, we created a journal just for you - Crayonuary Journal. You can get yours from HERE.

🖍️ Follow the hashtag: #crayonuary30 on Instagram.

🖍️ follow along on social media (see all those links below) for updates, daily pics, announcements, sharing, lives, and all the cray-cray pertaining the Crayonuary Challenge will go through our social media channels.

🖍️ You can also join the LINDA CHIDO ART email list and get the insider scoop about the Crayonuary 30 Day Challenge Event direct to your inbox! Sign up here and be In The Know!

🖍️ We have a month of cray-z fun planned. So be sure you are following us on social media.


You can follow us on Instagram:


Ron Gross:

And be sure to follow the hashtag: #crayonuarychallenge


Or you can follow us on Facebook:



Or both!

Get ready to get your cray-on, because every day a page is waiting to be filled with the magic of your imagination!

We express our profound gratitude to our amazing Crayonuary sponsors, whose generous donation of crayons enables us to introduce our Crayonuary community to the vibrant world of crayon mediums.

The Crayonuary Workshop

In development. Coming SOON!

If you are interested in having a Crayonuary Workshop at your business, non-profit, school, or corporate event. Please reach out to us with THIS FORM and be sure you mention that you are interested in the Crayonuary Workshop. We will get back to your shortly and be happy to discuss the details with you!

Artist Ron Gross

Has led the Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge since 2018. In 2024, he started collaborating with his wife, Linda Chido to create some goodies for you and to promote the challenge through LINDA CHIDO ART.

Read Ron's story of crayon journaling and how the Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge was born below.

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