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Crayonuary Challenge 30 Day Journal PDF

Crayonuary Challenge 30 Day Journal PDF

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Get ready to get cray cray!


The Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge is your golden opportunity to immerse yourself in the therapeutic wonders of daily drawing. For the next thirty days, your mission is to do one drawing a day with crayons. Why crayons, you ask? Well, not only are they colorful sticks of joy, but they also have a magical way of breaking down barriers that other art tools might put up. And let's be honest – crayons are just plain fun!


Though for some of you, the thought of the blank page may freak you out! No worries, we got you. We created the Crayonuary® 30-Day Challenge Journal just for you.


We provide you with daily prompts at the beginning of the month. That way, you don’t have to face the blank page alone. Once you have your cray-on, we provide you with daily journal pages so you can unleash your inner creative genius for the rest of the month.


The Crayonuary© 30-Day Challenge beckons – where each crayon stroke is a step towards a more vibrant, relaxed, and creatively fulfilled you. So, get ready to get your cray-on, because every day a page is waiting to be filled with the magic of your imagination!

  • PDF Download

    This journal is a PDF download to be printed out from your home printer. The journal has color images but it is perfectly fine to print it out in black & white.

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