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My Muses Collection

The ‘My Muses’ Collection/Project was created to celebrate my 55th trip around the sun and to express my deep gratitude to these amazing artists who have inspired me on my artist journey over the last twenty+ years. Each oil portrait is connected to a story of a memory that I wrote about in my blog. The entire Muses Project, 5 portraits + 5 stories, was a months long exercise in gratitude and self-healing.

A five part blog series on the women artists who have inspired the My Muses Collection.

My Muses ~ Judy Chicago - part 1/5

My Muses ~ Georgia O'Keeffe - part 2/5

My Muses - Remedios Varo, part 3/5

My Muses ~ Lee Bontecou, part 4/5

My Muses ~ Me, part 5/5

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