My Story

Born in Buffalo NY in 1968 and raised in a suburb of Buffalo, Linda Chido started painting at a very young age after her father gave her a cigar box of crusty oil paints.  She graduated in January 1994 from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a Master of Architecture and a Master of Urban Planning, and for many years enjoyed a professional career while painting in her spare time.  Linda has lived on both coasts and many places in between - San Francisco CA, Albuquerque NM, Seattle WA, Milford CT, Queens NYC, and currently lives in Buda TX.  A long and winding story best told over several drinks.

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After many years as a professional urban designer, Linda decided it was time to give her art some serious attention.  At the age of 33, Linda sought instruction in the Mischtechnik, an Old Master's technique with its roots going back to artists Jan van Eyck, Albrect Durer, and the Italian Renaissance painters. For eight week spread over two summers, Linda traveled to Florence, Italy and Vienna, Austria to receive instruction from Philip Rubinov Jacobson and Michael Fuchs.  In 2003, she returned to Austria for a third time for the honor and privilege of receiving painting instruction from Ernst Fuchs - a modern day visionary master.

Linda's time in Europe not only gave her skills that expanded her hand, it presented numerous opportunities to exhibit globally with some of the finest visionary artists practicing today.  From 2001 to 2004, Linda participated in twelve international exhibits which culminated in a three woman show at the InterArt Gallery in Manhattan NY. Several months later, Linda and her husband discovered they were pregnant with their first child.  Linda made the conscious choice to put down her brushes to concentrate on caring for and home educating her children.  Her art focus turned to the fabric arts and sharing the world of art with her children.  During this time Linda produced hundreds of drawings used in her lessons, a staggering number of dolls, lovies, quilts, blankets, booties, sweaters, hats, mittens, and a myriad of other art objects.  Not to mention all of the art projects she did with her children.

In 2020, after a 15-year hiatus, Linda returned to her studio practice to focus once again on her personal work.  It began with a simple watercolor painting that turned into a collection of twenty-three mixed media works inspired by the book, 'Alice's Adventure in Wonderland'.  After completing that series at a little table in her bedroom at night, Linda set up her studio and dedicated time to her art practice.


In 2022,  Linda had a solo exhibit that showcased the body of work that she produced over that two year period after returning to her art practice.  The work was varied in both medium (oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors and mixed media) and subject matter (portraiture, animals, abstraction, illustration and surrealism).  Though it seemed "hodge-podge", it spectacularly showcased Linda's devotion to her craft and the joy she had in rediscovering her hand and her voice.  

Since her reemergence, the biggest addition to her ovure has been portraiture.  In September 2021, almost twenty years to the day, Linda was again studying with Michael Fuchs.  This time it was a master's class in fantastic portraiture and Linda discovered she had a true gift for painting the human form (subject matter she had not previously explored).  She has since been experimenting with portraiture and disruptive realism for her next body of work. 


Linda still divides her time between her art practice, her children's needs, and home educating.  In addition, Linda teaches art classes to homeschooling groups and volunteers her time to give art instruction to adults with developmental disabilities.  She is also involved in organizing her local artist's collective, and is very active as an arts advocate in her city.


Linda currently lives in Buda, TX with her artist husband, Ron Gross, their four incredibly talented children, a couple of dogs, and a big fat cat.