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Learning Resources

With a little practice, the right tools, and a good teacher, you can develop your artistic abilities.

Artist, Linda Chido, has years of experience as a professional artist, homeschooler, and art educator. She has created a unique and valuable learning experiences with you in mind. Linda's learning resources are easy to understand and follow so you can learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed. Her step-by-step tutorials will guide you through every stage of learning a new art skill, while her art projects for history curriculum will help you easily integrate art into your schooling programs. In addition, Linda will teach you how to care for your art supplies so they last for many years, which will save you money.

Linda feels so strongly that art should be for everyone that she has intentionally kept the membership price low. With your membership, you will have lifetime access to the entire Learning Resources Catalogue and any new resource added in the future!

Linda brings her lifetime of art knowledge, 10+ years of homeschooling experience, and many years as an art educator in the community, to her learning resources. Most of the art projects Linda designed for her own children over her homeschooling years.

These Learning Resources are Linda's labor of love. It is an on-going project to design all of her years of art lessons and projects so that she can bring creative curriculum to you and your children, or anyone who is interested in expanding their art skills and knowledge.

  • Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting Course with over 20 guided paintings. In addition to the guided paintings, you'll also receive 6 instructional videos on the care and maintenance of your art supplies so they last a long time, an art supply list with explanations, and a PDF of stories to use in the painting course.

  • Other video tutorials like: How to Make a Tessellation and How to Draw a Celtic Knot. Great art lessons to add to your Middle Ages studies.

  • Fun projects like: Watercolor Paper Orbs and Kite Paper Window Stars.

  • Plus Resources and History Guides to add art to your homeschool or classroom curriculum:

    • A Brief History of Islamic Art​

    • Celtic Art History and Recommendations

    • Mayan Art History and a comic book style project

    • and others

  • There are also traditional art learning resources:​

    • How to Create Neurographic Art​

    • Beginner Drawing Classes

    • The Seven Elements of Art - art lessons and art analysis

And more being added all the time!!

You can view the Learning Resources Catalogue HERE.

"Linda is great at engaging people in the notion that they can be creative. She gets people excited that they might be able to paint or draw or sculpt. Part of it has to do with her passion about being an artist herself. She makes that very contagious."

~ Susan Taylor, artist

Learning Resources Membership



The Learning Resources Membership gives you lifetime access to our entire art resources catalogue.

Valid until canceled

All of the art projects include:

  • A supplies list to help you shop for your art project,

  • Step by step instructions,

  • Preparations to get you started and clean up when you're done,

  • Best practices to store your supplies so they last for many years,

  • A brief history of each art form.

You'll have everything you need to have a creative and artful learning experience AND have a beautiful work of art in the end.

"Linda has a great course for those new to Waldorf Watercolor. I had the chance to preview it and I'm truly impressed with all Linda shares. The course takes all the stress out of learning the technique." 

~ Melisa Nielsen, Waldorf Essentials

Here's what the Chido Gross kids have to say about their art experiences.

"You learn a lot more about history when you study art too."

~ Jackson, age 14

"Studying art gives you more respect for people in history. They had to make everything themselves! I made a small fresco and it was hard. Can you imagine what Michelangelo had to go through to make the Sistine Chapel?"

~ Mona Rae, age 16

"Art is like a geode - even in the harshest times, art is the diamond in the rock."

~ Georgia, age 14

"I think art in general just makes you a better person." ~ Mona, age 16

"You don't have to be an artist to be an artist. If you really believe you can do it then you can do anything."

~ Georgia, age 14

"I love drawing. I love making stuff with Mom." ~ Louis, age 12

You have questions? We have answers...


Who are these learning resources for?

Linda originally created the learning resources for her own children to bring art lessons to them. She has revisited her own curriculum and redesigned the learning resources to help homeschooling parents and other educators gather the supplies, skills, and steps they need to bring these projects to their curriculum and their children. Though really, they are for anyone looking to expand their art knowledge and skills.

Will I be able to ask questions or get guidance?

Yes! Fill out the contact form and Linda will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

When will new art project courses be available?

Linda is constantly adding projects and courses to the Learning Resources. Be sure you are on the email list so you are the first to know when new learning resources are added.

How will I know when the art projects are released?

The best way to stay informed is to get on the mailing list HERE.

What will be the cost of the art projects?

A one time payment of $57. This gives you lifetime access to the entire Learning Resources Catalogue.

Are the art project courses just for homeschoolers?

No. They are for anyone who is interested in expanding their art knowledge. 

Do you still have questions? Still wondering if the classes in the Learning Resources are for you and/or your kiddos?

Feel free to email Linda at, with your questions. She is happy to answer them.

The Learning Resources Membership at LINDA CHIDO ART is in US Dollars and clearly marked. When you purchase a Membership, you get lifetime access to the entire Learning Resources Catalogue, which included any new courses, tutorials, or learning materials that will be added in the future. The #1 goal is that you are completely satisfied with the learning experiences provided. If you are not satisfied with any of the learning resources, please reach out to Linda at:, so that we can make things right. To read the full Terms of Service and Course Agreement go here.

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