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Crayonuary Journal + Free Crayons

Crayonuary Journal + Free Crayons

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I have eight packs of crayons from Caran d'Arche and Filana. King Art sent us a big box of Mixed Media Gel Sticks that I divided into eight sets of two.


Then I put a package together (pictured above). I have 8 sets of:


1 Crayonuary Journal

1 pack of Filana crayons FREE

1 pack of Cran d'Ache crayons FREE

2 King Art Gel Sticks FREE

Plus - coupons from Filana and King Art.


The cost is, $14.99 (the journal) + FREE crayons + $4.94 shipping (flat rate for continental US) + tax if you live in TX = $19.94.


That's less than twenty bucks to get a journal and all of these amazing crayons. But I only have eight sets and then I have no more. So, it's going to be first come first served until they are gone.


If you live outside of the continental United States, before you order, please reach out to me! Then I can put a set aside for you while we make shipping arrangements to get you all these Crayonuary goodies.


What are you waiting for? Go get your cray-on!!!

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