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Art Club


Art Club is a simple and exciting way for you to become an art collector and a supporter of artists' work.

As artists, our greatest joy is sharing our art with you. However, we know that sometimes original artwork can be expensive, and that many of our fans and supporters feel that owning original art is out of reach. Art Club offers you a way to enjoy original art without breaking the bank. 

As a subscriber to Art Club, you'll receive an original piece of postcard sized art and a special note from Linda, the founder and creative force behind LINDA CHIDO ART, where she'll give you some insider information about the inspiration that goes into the artwork.


But Art Club is more than just a subscription program, it’s a community of art lovers who believe in the power of art. Your support will allow us to continue with our work of transforming lives through our art and art education. In addition, you’ll be giving yourself a little gift of beauty and joy that will bring color to your space and inspire you every day. That's the power of art!

Whether you're a seasoned art collector or just starting to appreciate the beauty of original art, Art Club is the perfect way to support our artists and enjoy a regular dose of creativity and inspiration. So why wait? Sign up for Art Club today and start your own personal art collection!

Art Club



Every month

Monthly subscription service

Valid until canceled


1. Join the Art Club by clicking the link.

2. Become a member of LINDA CHIDO ART.

3. Pay the monthly fee.

Then, every month, we will send you a little art package containing your unique, one-of-a-kind, piece of art.

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