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Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting in the Waldorf Tradition

Wet on wet watercolor painting is a traditional watercolor painting technique that most artists who are watercolorists have in their toolbox. Wet on wet watercolor painting as it comes through the Waldorf tradition is not the same thing. Instead, it is a fluid and dreamy exploration in color and the magic that happens when we apply liquid paint to wet paper. And, it only uses three colors: red, blue, and yellow.

Traditionally, the technique is introduced to kindergarten children in the Waldorf education system to give them an experience of color. The painting exercises begin with the three primary colors each explored individually. During this first series, especially if you are working with littles, one would ask a lot of questions of the child. Questions like; how does this color make you feel (emotionally)? What does that color feel like (physically)? Where else do we see this color in the world? The purpose of the questions are to evoke the child's experience of the color so they can connect to the feeling life of the color for themselves.

Wet on wet watercolor painting in the Waldorf tradition is not a - how to paint a ________ (fill in the blank). Though after exploring the colors individually and then exploring blending, we do eventually get to simple figures. Still, it's not about painting a thing. It's about exploring the physicalness of the technique and the feeling life of the colors.

The technique is also not a one and done technique. It is a painting practice. The more you do, the better you get at it, and the deeper and more subtle the technique becomes. It's something that you can revisit and reteach over and over and over again. I'm fifteen years in and I still practice this technique. In fact, my Playing in Wonderland Collection was born out of me practicing the technique to prepare to teach the class at my local art center. (You can see the Playing in Wonderland Collection here)

Who is Wet on Wet Painting For?

For kids of all ages and all abilities

I have taught this painting course for many years to very young children, older kiddos, homeschooling group, mommy groups, and children and adults with special needs. This technique is very near and dear to my heart and truly is for everyone!

Want to try it for yourself?

For a limited time, I am offering the first three classes in my course: Series One - The Primary Colors for FREE. Try it our for yourself. If you like it, your interest is piqued and you want to continue with me to learn the entire technique, then you can purchase my full Wet on Wet Watercolor Painting Course in the Waldorf Tradition in the Academy.


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