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Remember Her?

Remember Her?

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In, "Remember Her?", I embarked on a journey of profound self-discovery and healing. The painting captures a young girl (a representation of my younger self), her expression fierce yet determined, her arms outstretched with strength and resolve. Beneath her, the words I wrote resonate with my intension: "Remember her? She's still there... inside you... waiting. Let's go get her." Each brushstroke was a cathartic release, a testament to the resilience and spirit of the girl I once was and the woman I have become.


Through this artwork, I confronted shadows of the past, and embraced that young girl inside me with a mother's love and compassion that I now possess. "Remember Her" serves as a poignant reminder to honor the aspects of myself that were wounded long ago, to embrace my vulnerability, and to remind myself of my resilience, as I continue my journey of profound self-discovery and healing.


Paper Size: 16.25 x 20.5 in

Image size: 13 x 17.25 in

Mixed Media/oil painting on Arches Oil Paper


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