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Project that can be used in curriculum to enhance history lessons.

Listed below are all of the projects that Linda has done in her 12+ years of homeschooling (and counting). Linda is adding projects as she is teaching them the second or third time around with her own children, or is teaching them in classrooms outside of her own. Native American Projects and Renaissance Projects will be the next sets to be added.


Native American Projects

  • Wampum Belt on a Bow Loom

  • Medicine Pouch

  • Make a Chickee

  • Build an Inukshuk

  • Inuit finger mask

  • Totem Pole

  • Fetish Quillwork

    • Beadwork on an item (Mona did moccassans)

    • Using quills, make the hope symbol or the 8 pointed star on an item like a small wooden box

  • Drum

  • Model of an adobe village using clay and sticks

  • Make a medallion of Spider Woman

  • Kachina Doll

  • Woven blanket on a small loom

  • Seed pots decorated with traditional designs

  • Dream catcher


Norse Projects


Ancient Civilizations Projects

  • India

    • Kolam

  • China

    • The Three Perfection Scroll (watercolor painting, poem, calligraphy)

    • Ink painting on rice paper

    • Paper Peony

  • Babylon

    • Cuneiform tablet

  • Persia

    • Drawing

  • Egypt

    • Make Papyrus paper

    • Name in cartouche in hieroglyphics on papyrus

    • Illustration of choice on papyrus paper in acrylics

  • Greek

    • Mosaic

    • Grecian Urn

    • Greek pottery – little pots of the different types

    • Soap stone sculpture


Meso America


Roman History

  • “Ice cube” arch blocks – make an arch

  • Roman road in bin

  • Oil Lamp


Middle Ages


  • Pulp paper making

  • Book binding



  • Drawing upside down

  • Fresco painting

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