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n. The process of coming into sight or prominence once more.

Two years ago, I opened the door to reviving my studio practice. I have spent these past two years finding my hand again, honing my craft, learning new skills, and experimenting. The artworks in my upcoming show are the stepping stones I took to get from there to here.

In addition to my painting practice, I also decided I wanted to revive my art career. When I stepped away all those years ago, I knew I would eventually return - now was that time. It was kismet getting to know Jacquie Hollis Martinez and her representing my art at Assemblage. I couldn't ask for a better partner at this stage of my career. It has been an amazing experience working with her and her team, and I'm grateful for Jacquie's support in helping me reach my goals.

The opening reception is just ten days away and there is only one piece left to share with you. It is the signature piece of the show and it encapsulates the spirit of REEMERGENCE. I started it way back in my 20s, when I was exploring what it meant to be a woman and how I wanted to express my femaleness as an artist. At that time, I painted the orange female torso and the womb seed before abandoning it. In my 30s, after I had studied painting in Europe, I returned to it and painted the vines. The vines represented a growing up out of myself. Both the spiritual growth I had obtained over the last decade or so and the creative growth I had recently acquired in Europe. Then again, I abandoned it. Since then, it has traveled from house to house, wrapped up in a sheet, and stored in the closet. Until now...

Eight weeks ago, I woke up with a vision for that piece. Before coffee, I pulled everything out of a closet to get to it and then dragged it up to my studio. I was very trepidatious to start a new painting when I already had more than enough work to finish in a very short amount of time, but I couldn't shake the vision. I had to paint it. It's a large piece, almost a life size portrait, and I finished it in five weeks, amongst having to complete the other canvases too. It all just came pouring out. I have never finished a painting that quickly.

It is so fitting that this painting, that I have worked on at important points in my art career over the last 25 years, would be completed now with a self portrait. The piece has always been a personal self exploration and now I am literally emerging through it. It perfectly encapsulate this show, this time, this theme, and quite literally, my entire art career up to this point. It marks an end and a beginning. That old cycle is complete and I now stand poised on the cusp of this next phase of my art career.

I am very proud of this piece and this entire body of work. As a collection, it is a beautiful representation of my return journey to my art. I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. I hope that you will join me in celebrating my - REEMERGENCE.


This is the fifth post of a six part series sharing the body of of work I have created over the last two years and my journey leading up to my solo show:


April 8 - 30, 2022

Opening reception April 8, 5-8 pm

Assemblage Contemporary Craftsman Gallery

306 S. Main Street, Suite 106

Buda, Texas


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