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Finding Hope in Art: How Artists Uplift Us All

Lately, it seems like the whole world is one big dumpster fire. We're still feeling the effects of COVID, the economy is wobbly, and there is some pretty scary political instability. Climate change and environmental degradation, I think we can all agree, are major concerns. There's a battle cry to fight for every issue you can think of and folks are stressed, worried, and angry. Everything feels so heavy. Though despite these challenges, there is one place where we can all look to find both respite from our issues and some hope - - in Art.

Artist are incredible human beings and their work is a gift to all of us. Artists, through their art, help us make sense of the world around us. For thousands of years to current day, when times are rough, it is the artists who communicate ideas and emotions that are difficult to express in words. Artists play a crucial role in shaping and reflecting back to us the culture and society in which we live. They are the creators, the innovators, and the visionaries who help us to see the world in new and inspiring ways. Without artists, we would be deprived of the beauty, inspiration, and creativity that enriches all our lives and helps us to connect with something larger than ourselves.

Artist have the unique ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions in a way that is immediate and powerful. Through their work, artists can explore important social and political issues, challenge our assumptions and beliefs, and provoke thought and discussion. They have the ability to inspire us, to challenge us, and to help us to see the world from different perspectives. Artists drive cultural and social change. They push boundaries, challenge the status quo, and create new ways of thinking and living. Without artists, our culture would become stagnant, predictable, and unchanging. Artist are the ones who help us to imagine new possibilities for the future and inspire us to work toward a better world for all of us.

Art has the power to inspire and uplift. Whether it's a beautiful painting, a thought provoking installation, or a moving piece of music. Artists remind us every day of the beauty and wonder of the world around us. Their art also has the ability to transport us. Have you ever seen a piece of art and for a moment everything melts away as you stand in awe? Then you've been transported by art. And any artist can tell you that when they make art they feel good. Making art is cathartic and can help you escape, process difficult emotions, and release all those feel good hormones. Science has proven that participating in the arts has therapeutic benefits like reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and can improve your overall well-being.

The art artists make is also an important part of our collective cultural heritage. It reflects back to us our shared history and values, whether we are in agreement on those or not. Though if you're willing to have an open mind, art can help you to understand and appreciate the diversity of human experiences. Art leaves clues, lessons, and cultural insights for us and for future generations. Preserving and promoting art for our children and our children's children is an important part of our rich, global, cultural legacy that we have all inherited.

How wonderful it is that we have artists in our world! Artists can create something out of nothing, turn the mundane into the extraordinary, and capture beauty. They make our world a more colorful and enchanting place. Their knowledge and expertise in their craft teach us to see the world in new and fascinating ways, show us how to express ourselves, and give us the opportunities to connect with our own creativity. Their courage to tackle difficult and controversial topics through their art is truly admirable. Their bravery to say the hard things helps us to understand each other a little better and connect more deeply with the world. Artists inspire us to be brave and bold, and they remind us that beauty can come from even the most difficult experiences.

So, when you're feeling weighed down by the news of the day, take a moment to appreciate and enjoy the work of an artist. Their art can bring you a respite, a little joy, maybe some comfort, and for sure, a sense of connection to something that is truly magical. Through supporting an artist, you can help ensure that their important work will continue to enrich all of our lives.

Here are 10 ways you can support artists:

  1. Spread the word! Share information about your favorite artist with your friends and family. You can share their website, social media profiles, their products, their classes, or even just a photo of their work that you enjoy (be sure to credit the artist).

  2. Like and comment on artists social media posts. This simple act signals to the algorithm that the content is valuable and interesting. This can help the artist increase their visibility and potentially attract more clients.

  3. Go to exhibitions featuring the artist's work and encourage others to attend as well. This helps to increase the artist's exposure and visibility, and may lead to more opportunities for them in the future.

  4. Offer to help the artist with tasks such as setting up exhibitions, promoting their work, or assisting with the mountain of administrative work an artist has to juggle. This is a valuable and welcomed way to support artists who many not have a lot of resources available to them.

  5. Commission an artist to make you a one-of-a-kind piece of art. This is a great way to get a unique and personalized piece of art and support artists financially. Also check out their available work. You just may find something you love.

  6. Buy prints or merchandise. If purchasing an original artwork is not within your budget, consider buying prints, postcards, or other merchandise featuring the artist's work. This allows you to enjoy their work in a more affordable way while still providing artists with an income.

  7. Consider making a donation to an artist's crowdfunding campaign or becoming a patron through their subscription offerings. This is an easy, feel good way to support artists work without breaking the bank.

  8. Attend a workshop or class. Many artist teach their knowledge, techniques and skills. Try something new, learn a new art form, tap into your own creativity. You can find lots of classes on-line or look to your local art center for class offerings.

  9. If you have access to a space (physical or on-line), consider hosting an exhibit or event featuring your favorite local artists. This is a great way to help artists showcase their work and gain exposure.

  10. And, at the very least, take a little time every day to simply appreciate an artist and their hard work. Put the heaviness of the world down for a moment and go enjoy some art.



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