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The Art of Patronage

Being an art patron is an enriching and rewarding experience that not only benefits the artists but enriches one's life while contributing to the broader artistic legacy of humanity.

Historically, people in positions of power like kings and queens funded all types of visual artists to outfit their homes, cities, and important buildings with art. If you were an artist and had a powerful patron, your financial security was all but guaranteed. In the Italian Renaissance, patrons took on artists and commissioned them work-by-work, or they fully took them into their estates and provided them with housing while the artist was “on-call” for all art needs. Depending on the scale of a project, an artist could be funded by patrons for years.

Numerous famous artists throughout history have been sponsored by patrons. The Medici family supported artists Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci; art collectors, Gertrude Stein and Sergei Shchukin, sponsored Pablo Picasso; Peggy Guggenheim, perhaps the best known art patron of modern times, became the driving force of the American art scene through her support of artists like Jackson Pollack, Vasili Kandinsky, and Robert Motherwell. Patronage not only created income for these artists but made them visible and notable in new ways.

Patrons of the 21st century generally don’t house artists in their lavish estates or command them to paint frescoes, but just like the patrons of the past, modern patrons can also contribute to the success and economic stability of contemporary artists. Typically, when we think of a "patron of the arts", we think of giving to the ballet or the philharmonic - which are important arts organizations worthy of your support. Though what if you could form a unique and meaningful relationship with just one artist? As a patron in this context, you take on a more personal and direct roll in that artist's life and work. You have a direct impact on that artist's career and creative endeavors.

Here are several ways you can support your favorite artist:

  1. Social Media: Follow your favorite artist on social media. And when you see their posts, like and comment. Even if you just leave a 😍. By commenting and liking, you tell the algorithm that your artist is worth showing to others. It also signals to your artist that they are doing a good job and that you enjoy their content.

  2. Networking: Share your artist and their work with your network. That could be as simple as sharing their social media posts or suggesting their art to a friend. Facilitating connections is one of the best ways you can support your artist, expand their reach, and enrich their community.

  3. Commissions: Commissioning custom artwork from an artist allows you to collaborate closely with them, express your artistic preferences while providing the artist with a new and exciting challenge. Commissioned work offers artists the opportunity to connect with patrons, showcase their talents, and leave a lasting impact through their art. The artist-patron relationship cultivated through commissions can be a meaningful and rewarding aspect of an artist's career.

  4. Subscriptions: Many artists today have some type of subscription program. This is an easy and inexpensive way to support your artists and get a regular dose of art in your life. This type of support, though small, has a large impact on an artist's financial stability.

  5. Celebrate: Being an artist is a solitary pursuit, so it is extra special when we hear from patrons. Drop your artist a note. Let them know what you think about their newest collection. Send a congratulations for their most recent exhibit or art award. Also, if you can, go out to their art openings and celebrate your artist's latest exhibit. Artist's face a lot of rejection, sometimes a simple word of kindness is enough to turn the day around.

Being an art patron for a single artist or painter goes beyond simply acquiring artwork; it involves investing in the artist's journey, providing financial support, emotional encouragement, and opportunities for growth. By forming a close and supportive relationship with an artist, you become an integral part of their artistic development, contributing significantly to their success and leaving a lasting impact on their career.

Overall, being an art patron is a way to connect with the creative spirit of humanity, support artists in their artistic journeys, and contribute to the broader artistic legacy of humanity.


My Art Club subscription program is my answer to modern day patronage. For a small monthly contribution, you become one of my favorite patrons, and your financial support aids me in the creative process. In exchange for your generosity, every month you will receive a piece of my art and a special note with some inspiration behind the artwork.

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